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Astrology offers impartial counsel and supports your journey back to your intuitive and core self. 

a basic energetic reading can show what your natural gifts are: where does energy flow easily for you? Where do you have to devote extra attention to bridge gaps and build connections?  


a birth chart reading offers guidance in understanding your communication style, love language, occupational fields best suited for you, your inherent skills, a map for your soul's journey in this lifetime, and so much more!


Most importantly, the stars do not take sides, and learning their language can help you to develop a stronger and healthier relationship with yourself.  

Under the guidance and studies of Heather Eland and Demetra George, in addition to being a natural seeker and lifelong student, Victoria Petroff is an astrologer uniquely suited to help guide others to understand their place amongst the stars.


Digital or in-person readings are available upon request and agreement,  



Services & Lectures available

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