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Victoria Petroff

She has created custom metal works for numerous musical and spoken word artists. her graphic design has been seen on billboards, books, clothing, and brochures. However, she prefers to quietly go about her life with adoration for nature, breath, and sacred spaces.    

Victoria is a unique creative and wise woman who is often found exploring passion projects, volunteering, practicing becoming an astute listener, and forever hoping for the ruralization of the world.  


She resides in southwest Michigan with her ever-growing array of fur friends and eclectic soul family.   

Always curious and exploring, Victoria is a multi-skilled artisan with a long history of using her creativity to serve in the non-profit sector.

She is Certified in non-profit management, kundalini yoga, and meditation Instruction, As well as a forever student of depth psychology, ancient astrology, magic, and life. 

Her private Breath & Ground studio is located at the Friends of New Troy Community Center in New Troy, Michigan--lovingly known as 'the Center of the World.'


 Mr. McFloofen

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